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We understand that timely, cost-effective formulation development can depend on the right API, from the start. At Extrovis, we create quality and cost-effective APIs, in line with stringent regulatory guidelines, that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your formulation development, deliver superior pharmaceutical performance and ensure timely approvals.

Our API portfolio caters to leading innovator and generic companies across all geographies. Our dynamic team of chemists and analytical experts with deep technical strengths in development, technology transfer and validation consistently strive to deliver high-quality APIs.

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API Portfolio

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Products protected by patents in force are neither manufactured, nor offered for sale nor marketed in jurisdictions where such activities would constitute patent infringement. This list is purely for informative purposes and it does not constitute any offer for sale. This portfolio presentation reflects the products and/or technologies that are available, under development or under consideration at Extrovis AG, its partners and subsidiaries, as applicable. Some products may be developed or produced for internal and/or R&D with no commercial aim.

Research & Development of APIs

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Our development facilities are located in Hyderabad, India, our strategic manufacturing network of cGMP API manufacturing facilities spread across India and Europe. Our strong capabilities in synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry and process engineering, have helped us build a portfolio of small molecule APIs in key therapy areas including Nephrology, Dermatology, and Central Nervous System.

A team of 30 consisting of synthetic chemists, analytical experts, technology transfer specialists supported by regulatory and quality assurance teams deliver quality APIs in key therapy areas including Nephrology, Dermatology, and CNS.

Our capabilities include non-contained APIs at laboratory, pilot, and production scales. We have the expertise to perform standard chemical reactions, route scouting, process development and optimization, QbD implementation, solid state characterization, polymorph screening, chiral chemistry, biocatalysis and chemocatalysis.